How I planned my own wedding

In 2016 I got in engaged to my then boyfriend who I met at high school and all of a sudden had to plan this major event!

What sort of wedding did we want?

Where would we get married?

How do I find suppliers?

How do I go about booking them?

I’m sure some of these questions if not all of them have gone through you head when planning your wedding.

Feel & Style My Wedding

When starting to plan our wedding I would quiz Johan about what he wanted our wedding to be like and the only thing he wanted to have was a relaxed wedding with no ties! We started to look at all sorts of different venues everywhere from tipi weddings in a field to a ceremony at a register office. After visiting about 30 odd venues trying to find venue that would feel like a garden party where someone randomly got married. We finally settled on Bignor Park where we could get married outside and the backdrop to our wedding would be a pink house - basically my dream!

The Dress

Everyone who I spoke to about “The Dress” said I would know when it was “The One” and to be honest I was very skeptical about the whole idea. I spent a long time looking for the right dress as I loved the idea of a big princess dress but they were very heavy when I tried them on and also didn’t really fit with the whole garden party vibe! I wanted something a bit different and a bit more sophisticated whilst still being romantic. I knew when I put my dress on at the shop that it was the one - It was just right! I loved how comfy it was as well - I can’t imagine spending 12 hours in a heavy dress!

Untitled design (8).png

The Flowers

The Flowers were very important to me and I hadn’t yet made the jump into becoming a Florist. I choose the lovely Rachel Grimes Flowers who completely understood everything I was going for. My mum and I went to visit Rachel in Eastbourne with all of our inspirational flower books and chatted for hours on what flowers I loved and also the flowers I hated. The flowers on the day were exactly what I wanted and smelt amazing!! I was slightly jealous of my sisters flower crowns as they looked soo awesome! Rachel also stayed for the day and moved some of the flowers around after the ceremony which meant we could reused them for the reception.

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The Ceremony

One of the reasons we choose Bignor Park is we got to decorate the venue two days before the actual day which meant on the day it didn’t feel like such a big deal. In my head it was just like we were going back to Bignor for the day not going to get married!! The last thing to go up was the ceremony marquee which I didn’t see until the day. We didn’t realise that there were two massive poles in the middle of the aisle but it added a great comical moment with me and my dad dodging this pole as we went down the aisle. We didn’t really have a plan B for if it was raining but thankfully it was sunny all day which was a relief as we got married at the end of Sept. It rained the day before and the day after but was perfect on our actual day - you just have to make your peace with the great British weather!!

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The Reception

I loved this courtyard from the moment we went to see the venue and whilst we were planning our wedding the marquee company made this amazing stretch ceiling so that you could use it as a reception space. I really wanted long summer feast tables to keep with the theme of a summer party. We didn’t really have a top table and our parents sat with their friends and we sat with our friends. My mum made the point that she wanted to be with the friends on the day that could remember her being pregnant and having me as a baby. When we first started planning our wedding I didn’t really understand the point of wedding favours and just saw them as a waste of money. My husband is half Swedish and in Sweden they use wooden knifes for their butter so I had the great idea (if i do say so myself) to engrave the butter knives. We then could use them as our place settings and they were also a keep sake for our guest with our couple name engraved on them and the date.

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png

Just have to end with the cake which was out of this world!!! Ellie is so amazingly talented and understood exactly what I wanted our cake to look like. We missed out actually eating our cake as we were busy chatting to guests but a year later I asked Ellie to make the top tier again as a present for my husband.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit more about my big day and how I planned different parts with some great suppliers. If you would like to chat more about how to choose your flowers to fit your theme then please get in touch here


Photographer - Frances Sales || Venue - Bignor Park || Florist - Rachel Grimes Flowers || Cake - Milk Street Kitchen || Dress - Essence of Australia || Bridesmaids Dresses - Rewritten ||