My Top Six Flowers for Spring Weddings


So you’re getting married in spring….

How do you know which flowers to choose?

How do you know whats in season?

Do they come in the right shade to match your colour scheme?

Choosing your flowers can be a stressful time if you don’t know what flowers are in season and how to even start choosing. To help you on your flower journey I have put together my top more unusual flowers for spring.

White Ranunculus - Spring wedding Flowers


Aren’t they amazing? These are some of my favourite flowers and I look forward to spring every year so that I can fill my flat with them. They come in pretty much every colour under the sun so there is a ranunculus for everyone. If you are getting married outside peony season (June) then this is a great alternative to get the peony vibe in your bouquet.



These romantic blooms are a favourite among brides and florists! If you are lucky enough to be getting married in June then these are the flowers for you as they are only in season for this month. They come in delicate white, vibrant pink, pale blush pink and deep red to add a delicate feel to your bridal bouquet. They also smell amazing whilst you are walking down the aisle!

Lilac Wedding Flower


These is a more unusual choice of flowers but are so beautiful when added into a bouquet of blush pinks. Lilacs also come in white as well as shades of purple so can be added a classic white and green colour scheme. These are also a great addition if you are looking for flowers that smell amazing when you walk down the aisle.



Sweetpeas always feel like summer to me - the smell is so lovely and can add a delicate touch to your bridal bouquet. These amazing little flowers come in a variety of different colours as well as having a ombre effect on the petals. Sweet pea tendrils can also be added to the bouquet to create a more soft and flowing feel to your bouquet.



I have a love-hate relationship with hellebores as they are so moody and beautiful however they can be very difficult to use. The different varieties come in all different shades of white, plum, green, pink and purple with my favourites having delicate little spots on their petals. These great little flowers can also be found in the garden - only a couple of weeks ago I found three different variety’s in the back garden of a friends new flat.

Icelandic Poppy - Spring Flower

Icelandic Poppy

I think I can imagine what you are thinking - poppies? don’t they just come in red? Icelandic poppies are stunning and come in all sorts of delicate and bold colours. These oversized blousy flowers come in bright red, vibrant orange, pale pink and delicate white which makes it a great flower to add interest into your wedding flowers.

These are just my top six flower for Spring weddings. If you would like to find out which flowers are in season for your wedding day. I offer a complimentary consultation to get to know my wedding couples and find out about their big day, please get in touch here.

Photo credits: 1-3 & 6 Hibbert & Hagstrom; 4 & 5 RHS